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Technological Advances for Purification

  • Nature’s One®: Organic Formula Manufacturer Leads in Eliminating Arsenic


    Lewis Center, Ohio —February marked the one-year anniversary for two published scientific studies showing nearly all baby foods and formulas contain varying levels of arsenic. These unsettling studies stirred a national controversy calling for increased government regulation to better protect the US food supply. Nature’s One was the first pediatric nutrition company to immediately take action by testing commodity ingredients for arsenic.

    “Analytical testing conducted by independent laboratories validate that arsenic levels in Baby’s Only Organic® formulas have always fallen well below World Health Organization proposed CODEX standards,” says Jay Highman, CEO of Nature’s One, Inc. “Even so, Nature’s One developed new organic-compliant technology that successfully filters and removes inorganic arsenic from brown rice syrup to undetectable levels, far below the standard of 10 parts per billion for drinking water established by the EPA."


  • Testing Results by Applied Speciation Laboratory


    Organic Brown Rice Syrup &
    Organic Rice Maltodextrin

    Organic Arsenic

    Inorganic Arsenic

    Testing limits of less than 4 parts per billion



    • Arsenic testing is being performed on every production batch of organic brown rice syrup and organic rice maltodextrin using the most advanced technology and methodologies by Applied Speciation Laboratory. Due to our organic-compliant filtering process, no organic or inorganic arsenic has consistently been detected at testing limits of 4 atoms of arsenic per 1 billion atoms of organic brown rice syrup.

  • Nature's One® Purifies Organic Brown Rice Syrup

  • Nature’s One introduces its Pure10 Pledge™
    In 1999, Nature’s One was the first U.S. company to announce its goal to produce the purest formula possible and introduced its organic formula to the market. The company challenged the formula industry to use chemical-free processing at all levels, from farm to factory. Now, in an unprecedented move for the formula industry, Nature’s One publicized its arsenic test results for Baby’s Only Organic as an act of transparency. Our Pure10 Pledge is meant to better communicate to parents Nature’s One commitment to purity. This Pure10 Pledge is backed by extensive testing, an uncompromising attitude toward ingredient standards, and a commitment to producing the safest and most nutritious formulas for the well-being of children.
  • Does Baby’s Only Organic® formula comply with arsenic testing standards for the FDA and EPA?
    While there are no FDA regulations that define permissible levels of arsenic in foods, the EPA has established a maximum safe limit for arsenic in drinking water at 10 parts per billion. This is based on an estimate of daily water consumption over a lifetime of exposure. Nature’s One® test results consistently confirm its organic-compliant filtration system reduces inorganic arsenic found in organic brown rice syrup to undetectable levels at testing limits of less than 4 parts per billion.
  • What does "undetectable" mean in terms of arsenic testing?
    Nature's One uses the most advanced methodologies recommended by the World Health Organization to test its organic brown rice syrup. This testing method makes it possible to identify traces of arsenic at levels as low as four parts per billion. We are pleased to report Nature’s One products consistently test undetectable for organic or inorganic arsenic at those testing limits.
  • Why did Nature's One select organic brown rice syrup for their formulas?
    Nature's One selected organic brown rice syrup as its carbohydrate source due to its high nutritional qualities and we believe it to be superior when compared to other carbohydrates such as corn syrup (glucose syrups). Carbohydrates are one of the crucial dietary sources of energy that supports the brain, enables muscular contractions, and provides the fuel necessary for a baby's rapid growth through 24-months of age. So it is important for a child to get plenty of carbohydrates from good sources. Baby's Only Organic® source of carbohydrate comes from organic brown rice syrup that requires minimal processing and offers the benefits of slower digestion and absorption of complex sugars that provide a steady supply of energy to a baby.