PediaSmart® Dairy Nutritional Beverage

Kids Love the Flavor!

The Only Complete Organic Dairy Nutritional Beverage

PediaSmart® Dairy is the only organic complete nutrition beverage for kids ages 1 to 13. Organic assures non-GMO ingredients, no chemical processing & nothing artificial. PediaSmart® Dairy is gluten-free, contains no corn ingredients, & appropriate for lactose sensitivity. It’s organic chocolate and vanilla flavors are so rich and smooth, even picky eaters love the great taste!

For Picky Eaters

Kids need to eat a balanced diet to support rapid growth, and PediaSmart® Dairy can fill the gaps left by picky eating or limited availability of nutritious food. This nutrition beverage contains all the nutrients found in a balanced meal.

For Medical Issues

When medical or digestive problems hamper normal growth, consider PediaSmart® Dairy as a nutritional alternative. PediaSmart® Dairy offers complete nutrition for children who suffer from chronic illness, growth failure, food aversions, or curbed appetite due to medication. This product meets or exceeds 100% Dietary Recommended Intake (DRI) and can be used as a sole source of nutrition and in a feeding tube under healthcare professional supervision.

For Food Sensitivities

PediaSmart® Dairy is gluten-free, contains no corn ingredients & is appropriate for kids with lactose sensitivity. Organic PediaSmart® Dairy offers relief for kids who are sensitive to chemical processing.

For Breakfast Skippers

Studies show kids who eat a balanced breakfast in the morning have higher test scores than those who skip breakfast. PediaSmart® Dairy is perfect when there’s no time for breakfast & offers advantages over empty calorie foods like pastries and doughnuts.

† Do not use for children with the genetic disorder galactosemia.

PediaSmart® Dairy
Nutritional Beverage
Available in:
  • 12.7 oz - makes 56 fl oz
PediaSmart Dairy Nutritional Beverage